Release date: Autumn 2020


Small tribute to great men of XX and XIX centuries. Contains songs dedicated to important personalities of science, politic, economy and science popularization on the XX century: Karl Marx (Germany), Michael Collins (USA) , José Alberto Mujica (Uruguay) and Eduard Punset (Spain).

Contact Light

This track is in memory of the Apollo 11 Mission 50th anniversary (published on June, 2019), and includes the first words said in the moon. Thanks to the pioneers Michael Collins, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin for inspire a generation.

The Marx´ s Contract

Grab a shaker and add some Daft Punk or Chemical Brothers beats, a pinch of Nina Simone, a ration of Karl Marx and a couple of Marx Brothers, hard shake for 3 minutes and serve cold. An all-in-one of marxism, capitalism, soul and electronic music...


The words of José Alberto Mujica have served as an inspiration to millions of Uruguayans during his years as President and still they are a beacon of coherent political discourse, they are part of the history of Rio de la Plata like tango and cumbia, they are history of South America.


Time is a posthumous tribute to the economist and scientific reporter Eduard Punset (who died the week before the song ended). The song itself speaks of death and the conception of time more than a fourth dimension, as a mental mechanism to assume the changes of reality.