The Poets

Release date: Autumn 2017


The first project, "The Poets" (2017-2018) is entirely dedicated to 5 great all-time poets from Europe, Asia and America. It is an experimental album that mix sounds from text-to-speech computer readers, human voices, own composition and street noises.

The main objective of this project is the dissemination of classical poetry through its adaptation to new musical languages, ranging from electronic pop to dubstep trance.

The art for the covers has as reference the masterworks of Rembrant, Amos Nattini, Ferdinand-Victor-Eugène Delacroix, Grant Wood, Rene Magritte, Ohara Koson and William Blake.

La Trama

Evita was always God behind Perón. "La Trama" transforms the famous verses of "Ajedrez" by Jorge Luis Borges to describe the intricacy and pain of 20th century South American politics.

Dark is Right

Dark times begins in 2017 in USA with the rise of the populist politics. The verses of Dylan Thomas are merged into the Obama´s Discourse of Nation. The isolated America is the origin of a new order.

The Japanese Vocabulary

This is a poem by Sagawa Chika recited in Japanese and English, the electronic music is merged with traditional instruments.

La Lèvre Humide

The dark words of Charles Baudelaire are mixed with messages form police radio frequency and the voice of Fernando Arrabal performing a turbulent night in Paris.

La Selva Selvaggia

This treatise on memory is the origin of "The Poets". The first time I saw Benigni reciting (wonderfully) La Divina Commedia in the Piazza della Signoria I couldn't stop thinking about how Dante's verses have been transformed with a new meaning today. The song also contains the voice of Umberto Eco and Borges´ words on the lips of Giovanni Leone recalling the importance of historical memory.

You can also listen the Dantrax remix of this track here: Soundcloud

The eternity in a hour

The Jim Morrisons' lyrics and William Blake's poetry are deeply linked. "The eternity in a hour" rescues the aesthetics of The Doors' music to return to its origins and compose a theme as dark, symbolic and electric as a stormy night.