Tales From Space and Two-Times

Release date: Summer 2021


The idea for this album comes from the musicalization of the work Foundation by Issac Asimov. The generation of music in the case of the Foundation will not follow the usual courses, but will be carried out using AI / Text Analysis software made expressly for this project. The composition of the rest of the songs, with which the project begins, continues with the line of previous projects. In the graphic section, the images of The Garden of Delights by El Bosco and other pictures of Pieter Brueghel have served as the basis for the generation of alien worlds. Tales from Space and Two-Times is also a literature project that you can read here.

Introduction: Does Tesla Dream of Electric Sheep?

The introductory theme of the album contains one of the few sound recordings that can be found by Nikola Tesla and has a strong connection with the music of Vangelis (hence the title of the track)


Eidolons is a fascinating poem by Walt Whitman. Whitman write about concept of an oversoul composed of the individual souls of all life and expanding to include the Earth itself and the hierarchy of the planets, Sun, stars and galaxy. This track try to capture the essence of those words and transport them to and sci-fi ambient join them with Star Trek original series sounds

The Milky Ways

The Milky Ways is a heartfelt tribute to one of my favorite records of all time: The Visit by Loreena McKennit. This track is like the dark electronic reverse of The Old Ways. President Kennedy's pounding voice helps and sounds from space taken from NASA archives deepen the depth of the unknown.


The perihelion es the nearest point respectively of a body's direct orbit around the Sun. In Rendezvous with Rama, perihelion is the end of the road in Jimmy Pak's astonishing and inspiring adventure, wonderfully narrated by Arthur C. Clarke

Echoes Fo Wow

Track with New Age influences, based on The Expanse series. The lyrics are written in Belter, a Creole dialect used in the books of James S. A. Corey.

Aegri somnia

Based on Jules Verne's Vingt mille lieues sous les mers. A journey through the depths from the Mediterranean to the Pacific trenches


Based on the short story Aohj (available in this page). The story and the song speak about communication and represent an optimistic vision about the relationship between individuals.

The nutshell

What if ... the universe was a singer-songwriter? How would it count its birth? What would its feelings be? The particles around us are sensitive particles. Richard Feynman's voice accompanies this particular narration

The Seldom Suite

Work in project based on Issac Asimov Foundation series

Release date: Early 2022