El Romance

Release date: Summer 2019


The third project "El Romance" is a continuation of "The Poets", but this time focused on compositions by Federico García Lorca. In both cases, the aim of the project is to recontextualize the poems bringing them closer to new worlds where they take on new meaning.

En los altos corredores

Possibly "Muerto de Amor" describes the sensations that Lorca could have felt at night in his native Granada, but it is undeniable that the mythology that he proposes can be moved to the wild west, the hills of the Colorado desert and the stagecoaches that are well guarded by John Wayne in the John Ford movies.

Huye Luna

"El Romance de la luna, luna" is one of Lorca's poems that has been set extensively to music (which is not surprising given the rhythm and cadence of its reading). In this case, a pop-rock version is proposed, a soundtrack for a tragedy with many fragments of action.

Seven Maidens

Seven Maidens is the trance music adaptation of "La canción de las Siete Doncellas" of the book "Canciones" (1927). The context and the content of the poem are totally distorted taking the tragedy that Lorca tells to the modern society's underworld.